Thursday, November 06, 2014

Our little Inky chick is growing up! DH let the Girls and Mr.Roo out of the Chick Yard for a time, very rare since I drew the line at so many destroyed flower beds. Mama Hen has been taking good care of Inky in the Chicken Yard, where there is lots of cover and places to hide. (We do have a hawk in the area.) Meanwhile the 6 Babies we purchased, were finally ready to go to the outside Baby Chick yard. It will be interesting to see how the Hen raised Chick and the other chicks get along once we combine the groups. Also, I am sure that one of the new Red leghorn chicks is a rooster! No crowing yet, but has distinctive comb and wattle going on :) Well, we shall see. Not sure if I want another rooster... may go in the stew pot!

Applesauce! (these pics are not in order of process)