Saturday, July 16, 2011

First picking of cherries

summer baskets

Daisies , agastache, coreopsis

garden tool storage in mail box

Old oak overlooking the porch

rainy Saturday in Oregon
After yesterday's lovely sunny day, now it is in the 60's and raining most of the day! At this rate we will have a hard time getting the tomatoes to ripen.  Buckets of strawberries, and raspberries, lots of lettuce- but the corn is still not "knee high" and the beans are slow. However the potatoes are doing great, our first time growing potatoes. The cherry tree we planted last fall had a cupful or 2 of cherries - so tasty!
The Chickie Girls are doing well, the Baby Girls are making their way in with the Big  Girls with out too much chicken drama, altho I somehow left 2 out all night the other evening. However, they were there at the hen house the next morning, so I guess we don't have too many predators that can get thru the fence.
Such a blessing to be able to live out here in the country and smell the fir trees,honeysuckle and grassy fields. Hurt my bad knee and was "forced" to spend the day on the porch reading yesterday. After that lovely day, I feel much better!