Saturday, April 09, 2011

We are still having chance of frost at night, lows in the low 30's, so just a few signs of spring- like chickens in the daffodils! The bees are not doing much either. But the new chicks are peeping away in the galvinized tub in the living room! Biscuit, our Springer Spanial would love to see them closer for a snack, but has been good so far. It would be nice to get the garden in, then I remember we are in Oregon, where it won't start warming up untill the end of May!  I want to plant the containers, like the rusty chair above, but am not quite brave enough to put in the geranium starts I have been babying all winter. I do usually get the 20 or so hanging baskets going abut this time, but not quite organized yet to get the plants. I think a green house is going on the DH list!