Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This picture is actually last spring, I don't really have daffodils up yet! I look each day to see how high the green tips are peeking up, tho. The anticipation of spring helps me get thru these months of winter. Here in the Oregon valley I live in, the days are sunny and in the 50's this week. We will soon return to cold foggy days, but in the meanwhile, the chickens are happily clucking thru the fields and garden beds. My goal is to get the girls fenced in before my perennials start coming up again, tho. I need less scratching around the flower beds and  less dirt bathes in the hosta beds! I am dreaming of a new flower bed or two, and have the High Country Gardens catalog beside my chair, making lists as I go. A plant catalog and a nice cup of tea is all I need!