Friday, March 20, 2015

Early Spring

Daffodil and lungwort blooming, hosta's haven't come up yet

Oaks haven't leafed out yet

secret garden

Turned out that Inky was a rooster!

Chicken yard, to keep out the bobcats

Not much blooming
but daffodils! Also Bleeding hearts and peonies are coming up! The Chickie Girls are laying more now that there is more daylight. Unfortunately it was time for the Old Girls and extra 2 roosters to go to the freezer. And time for more new chicks. We got 9 Ameracaunas this time, can't wait for blue and green eggs!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Our little Inky chick is growing up! DH let the Girls and Mr.Roo out of the Chick Yard for a time, very rare since I drew the line at so many destroyed flower beds. Mama Hen has been taking good care of Inky in the Chicken Yard, where there is lots of cover and places to hide. (We do have a hawk in the area.) Meanwhile the 6 Babies we purchased, were finally ready to go to the outside Baby Chick yard. It will be interesting to see how the Hen raised Chick and the other chicks get along once we combine the groups. Also, I am sure that one of the new Red leghorn chicks is a rooster! No crowing yet, but has distinctive comb and wattle going on :) Well, we shall see. Not sure if I want another rooster... may go in the stew pot!

Applesauce! (these pics are not in order of process)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Almost November!

The wind and rain are blowing down lots of limbs and leaves from the big oaks, a good inside day-so thought I had better update the blog!  We finally had a chick hatch under a broody Hen, so cute. She hatched her inside the Hen House, so is caring for the chick in the flock. All of the other Hens and Mr.Roo keep a wide berth as Mama Hen is very protective! I need to fix up a brooder area in the old hen house which has it's own little yard, but this time they seem to be doing OK.
Got fifty more daffodil bulbs planted, love them in the spring. Also picked all the acorn and winter squashes, and our 2 pumpkins. Also our walnut tree finally bore fruit this year and we have a crate of walnuts to dry, very happy about that! Also I have been cooking pumpkin cookies, apple pie and need to can applesauce as the apple tree is bearing heavily this year. Love this Fall season!

Friday, April 25, 2014