Friday, May 27, 2011

Pink Bleeding heart
 Spring is in full swing here in the Mohawk Valley. Altho down in the forty's at night,and plenty of rain today, I have hopes of someday sunshine and pleasant days in the garden.
Hostas and white bleeding heart along the porch

Blue bird house with honeysuckle

The Big girls help eat all the slugs


The new Baby Girls still in their enclosure

Finally some sunshine !

some day it will be warm enough to sit on the porch!

Our new chicks are old enough to go out to the hen house, altho we have them segregated from the Big Girls. They have their own door and chicken yard., and have figured how to go in at night. A big accomplishment! We have 3 Golden Sex Link, and 3 Barred Rock for our new girls. All 17 of the old girls are Americanas. One of the Big Girls did weasel her way into their yard and try to eat up all their baby food, but was quickly chased out by David.  We are getting 12 to 17 eggs a day now, and I have to remember to keep some for us, and not sell all of them at work. I have more buyers then eggs sometimes.

David has doubled the size of our vegetable garden, and had fenced it in for deer protection. He has a good amount of strawberries and raspberries thriving, but we hope to get the potatoes, beans, corn, tomatoes, ans squashes planted the first of June. It has been so wet and cold here. The garden shares a fence with the new chicken yard, the plan is to keep the compost pile on the chicken side and then open up the adjustable gate and aply it to tthe garden when ready. The girls do love to scratch thru the compost!
Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!