Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and now on to Christmas! Well, I have been coming to terms with living in the trailer for the duration! Finally we have the foundation in. I am so excited!. You can see the shop foundation in the first picture and the house foundation in the other two. After going to work in the dark and returning in the dark, we finally saw it in the daylight this last weekend. We are supposed to get a load of lumber this next Tuesday, and then maybe we will start seeing progress. I have windows picked out and need to get an appointment with the kitchen planner. I will be glad to have a house by the next summer at this rate.
We have just come back from Myrtle Point and Florence , where we saw our family and friends. David has spent the morning today planting trees. We recieved two madrone trees from our dental hygenist, and half a dozen little fir trees, a dozen or so raspberry starts and butterfly bushes from Curley. I also had a sweetgum and some arbervita shrubs in pots. We had an arborist come out and give us advice about the big 200 yr old fir trees. We have tried to keep the excavation and building away from the limb line as much as possible.
David is snoozing now, with the football game is one, while we cook a turkey on the barbeque. The only thing about going somewhere else for Thanksgiving is no leftovers!