Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Veterans Day! I hope we all remember what brave men have done for our country.
I love the Fall season, with the red and orange leaves falling. The big oak has just dumped lots of leaves. We have discovered that most of them have fallen into the gutters, there by clogging them up just in time for the big storm we recieved this past week. Poor David climbed up to clean the gutters out,even tho he is just getting over a bad cold.
Our old dog Button passed away a couple ofweeks ago. She was 11 1/2. We miss her, she was a sweet dog. Biscuit, our 3 yr old spanial, was not sure why we were burying Button out in the Secret Garden in the moonlight. He has tried to be a very good dog ever since.
I did get one flower bed planted before the weather turned. I planted over 30 1 gallon periniels, mostly lavender, white cone flower, bush phlox, peonias, asters, daisies,etc. I also put in 100 daffidills, and 50 grape hyacynth. I also have the mums to plant. We shall see what the deer think of this new smorgasborg. I have heard that they don't like most of the afore mentioned plants, so we shall see.
David's grass is coming up, I am so glad! We need to reduce the amount of mud that the dog can romp in.
We will have a beautiful baby granddaughter in only 3 weeks or so! Naomi is due the 6th of December. We are so excited to see a new generation coming about, and to see what she looks like!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in only 2 weeks or so, everyone!