Monday, October 03, 2005

Fall is here, with the Oregon countryside turning brown and gold with touches of red viny maples. We have the septic half installed, awaiting final approval. The temporary circuit box and post is up and phone is wired into it. The power company is supposed to bring the power accross the road tomorrow and turn on our power. We are so excited! We will then move the trailor over by the temp post and plug into power and phone. We anticipate the building permits any day now and are hoping to break ground soon. We have been out On The Property for 2 monthes now! We have already had our first frost with temp down to 29 degrees in the morning! We still have tomatoes, but are on the tail end of them. Max the cat has been prowing the Mouse Fields on a regular basis and bringing us offerings, and the deer have made nightly forays to sample David's blueberry bushes, and the fallen apples from our old apple trees we discovered. Button spends her days sleeping or looking for mice and barking at all the strangers who keep driving in and disrupting her home.
Our little oak and maple trees we planted are turning lovely orange and red, and we have tucked in 300 daffidill bulbs waiting for spring!