Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On the monday after Easter, Rachael was headed back to OSU for classes driving up thru the hills, when she hit a slick spot on the rural 2 lane road. She lost control of her car and ended up hitting a power pole on the drivers side, thereby breaking the pole and the live wire setting the trees on fire! She couldn't get out of the car, but passersby stopped and got her out and sat her in a car untill the paramedics and firetrucks, county sheriff could get there.
We know that Jesus was right there, standing in front of that power pole, and inside the car to cradle her. She has numerous bruises and bumps along her entire left side, from the skull above her ear, her cheekbone, her hand, thigh and knees, ankles. Right now she has no frctures which show up on the x-rays, but is still very painful to bear weight. We are so thankful for her life being spared.
Thank you, Jesus.