Saturday, January 25, 2014

DH busied himself pruning the old apple and pear trees this morning, managed to get the job done without any fractures this year.  The temp warmed up from 28 to 55 degr, but not quite ready to get out in the flower beds. I am reduced to rearranging decor items and longing over old plant tags. I loved this Coreopsis "creme Caramel", and think I can get them again from Rogers Nursery in Springfield.

Friday, January 24, 2014

December winter sunset

temps to minus 10

home under the trees

wishful thoughts of summer(2013)

January longing for color (pic of last summer)

only 6 months till it looks like this again!

well, it has been awhile since I blogged. Our family has had some travails: DH's father passed away, mother to Assisted living due to new diagnosis of Alzheimer's, surgery to replace both knees(me), semi-retirement(me). Now a New Year, bright and winsome, beckoning contentment and dreams of fabulous garden results and garden projects to be accomplished. My new goal to to blog more frequently now that I am home more, even tho no one is reading!
I do have daffodils and crocus tips peeking thru the soil, buds on the lilacs and honey suckle.It is bright sun today, only 26 degrees when I got up, "frost on the pumpkin"  so to speak.
Now that I am home more, we are going to "whip this place into shape" Words that strike fear into my husband. I have reorganized my pantry and "apocalypse" shelf, made a list of other closets and dressers to organize. I have drawn up plans for the new garden/potting shed my husband offered to build me, using the old green antique windows and some other windows we have saved. I am excited to grow more plants from seed after we get it built.
Well, I'm off to walk down to the mailbox in the sun, so glad the fog did not set back down here in our little valley.