Saturday, September 17, 2011

My day has been spent with canning 22 quarts of peaches,and 6 quarts of tomatoes. I intended to do up some green beans, but ran out of time. I know this doesn't sound like much, but I am glad to add these jars to the shelves in the garage. They look so pretty! I think I will try to can some winter squash, too. Of course, the past week, we have been picking blackberries and freezing them as we go, after a blackberry cobbler or so. I can't resist throwing some berries to the chickens as I pick, they are also excited to get the peach trimings and tomato skins! In Chicken news, I gave in and named the Baby Girls- the orange ones are Rosie, Roseanne and Bantina who is our only Banty Chick. The Barred Rock are The Three Barbara Sisters: Barb, Barbie and Barbara. They are identical, so you can't tell them apart.  The Barbara's are named after Barbara the Chicken , who's infamous tales are recounted on the Chicken Forum.
Hope you are all enjoying the Harvest Days and counting your Blessings or Barbaras whichever the case may be!