Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yeaaa! We passed our final inspection on Friday! We actually have been living in the house for a couple of weeks, as we couldn't stand it any more. But now we have started moving the furniture in, stacking boxes and trying to remember where we put something. It has been an entire year, if you can believe it! We are very thankful to be thru with the house at last. Of course there are a few little "projects" to do around the place, but we can actually start to settle in.
David and I have tried to rest today after moving in more furniture yesturday, including the couch and desk and beds. We have the TV Armoire in, after I gave it a crackle finish, to update it. I have been trying to get a bookshelf painted as well. Too many things to do and not enough time!
We will try to have an open house when we get everything put away and done. Hope to see you all there!