Friday, June 02, 2006

Lots going on this week! I was off all week, and was the "gofor" for David and Curley while they put in the floor. We also have had the finish carpenter here putting in the kitchen cabinets. His name is Samuel and he is doing a great job- comes at 7:00 and seldom goes home untill 6:00. Today the "finish package" came- the inside doors, the trim and closet shelves and rods,etc. The pictures are of the guy delivering the finish package. It was too wide to fit thru the garage door- the door is 16 ft and the trim was 18 ft wide! So David and Curley had to "work it" to get it in. Mabel spent all week laying the felt and foam for under the flooring, and really wished for Rachael to help her , as they had made such a good team when she was down the last weekend. Today I took Mabel and walked her feet off at Home Depot, and got all the lights and the supplies to tile the bathroom floor,etc. It took us 4 hours. She was lucky to get a potty break and lunch! Also the tub was delivered , but it was the wrong one, so a flurry of calls and high blood pressure, and the plumber called and smoothed my feathers down, and promised to get the right order out soon. Hopefully this month. I also looked at granite countertops. There is a wholesale importer who has great prices on granite counters she gets from China. If I can find an installer to put it in this month, I am going with granite. Well, my 1 week vacation is almost over and we are worn to a frazzle- so it must be time to go back to work. But first the tile floors!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Color and lots of it!Except for the living room which is a light beige. We are so greatful to have Mabel and Curley helping us with the floors. They are able to be here for a few days. I can't wait to get the floor all laid, it is so pretty, and really contrasts with the walls. Last year on Memorial Day we camped here under the big fir trees and made a campfire! There was only tall grass and blackberry bushes at that point. I can't believe how much has changed since then- here we have a house almost done and a big shop. What will the next year bring?