Saturday, March 10, 2012

When we brought home our first 6 chicks, DH made a little hen house out of scraps of boards, plywood,etc he had bee carefully saving. It was approximate 4'x8'. Of course we couldn't stop with 6, so the next year we brought home 12! So he built another 4x6 addition. Well, this is year 4 and we now have 25 Big and Little Girl, and even 2 new Little Boys: Roo 1 and Roo 2. So it was time for a better Hen House.
Now my husband does not throw anything away, and can proudly tell you where each piece of wood came from 20 years before!  He did buy some roofing and screws, brackets etc for our new improved version  this time.
March 1st -snow under the Oaks
Meanwhile it is slowly becoming Spring! Last week we had snow, and this week the daffodils are blooming. I have visions of plant pots and new perennials dancing in my head, and will attempt to get my DH to let me design the vegetable garden, but doubt that will fly. He is always suspicious that I will plant more flowers than vegetables!
We are also trying out putting an egg sign down by the road, when we have too many. I have also been baking Quiches, scrambled eggs, angel food cake ( didn't turn out the best) just to try to use up the plentiful Spring eggs!