Thursday, April 23, 2009

How did it get to be the end of April?
Well, altho it snowed on my daffodils 10 days ago, and is still around 36 degrees in the morning at 0615, Spring is officially here.After all, Easter is over! I have already planted 3 trays of perennials, and potted up 18 hanging baskets. Also I planted half a dozen mosses, creeping phlox and creeping thyme between stones on a path out to the arbor area. Then I got David to put a picket fence in around a new rose bed I started in February, so have started to "white wash" it, and am planning to plant morning glory vine over the arch at the gate. I need ideas for the actual gate as well. Maybe a twig gate, or Mabel suggested an old headboard to a twin bed. We will have to see. There are many more projects to go! The reason for this frenzy, is that some friends of the family want to have their wedding here in June, on Davids birthday. so I am determined to have it flowery and pretty. Really,it gives me an excuse to push to get projects actually done, that have been on the drawing board. Did I mention that I love spring?