Sunday, August 26, 2012



summer bouquet

secret garden gate

August days.. tired of watering, chickens grazing, honeysuckle setting red berries for Fall, some flowers still going, everything so dry.
Mr.Roo had a crisis the other day! He somehow managed to get some string wrapped around one of his legs, and then when trying to jump off of a roost over the compost bin, caught the sting on a burr and was hanging upside down by one leg! DH just happened to come by and rescued him, bringing him in  for me to cut off the string. Mr.Roo was very calm in DH arms and looked over the living room, wondering if we had anything good for his hens to eat in here! He is a good boy for the most part always looking after the girls and getting them morsels to eat. Of course, after we saw him swinging upside down, we wondered if the old hens had strung him up there! Not all the girls have taken kindly to the roosters!