Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's cold in May here is Oregon! 47 degrees just now at 7:30 pm as I went out to take some pictures of the chickens. Our big girls were busy scratching in a pile of composting leaves, and the "little" babies were safely enclosed in the new chicken yard. The back of the addition to the chickn house shows that David has not yet painted the back section, altho the front is painted white. Last night we only had to catch 4 little ones to put them back in before closing them up for the night. Much better than the night before when it was full scale chaos, scooping with the net and 22 chickens screaming and running away from the giants. Sigh. Today was a 5 egg day, so I am happy, as I have been selling them at work. By August, we should be getting almost a dozen a day! I am ready for warmer weather, Altho my baskets are planted, they are not doing much as yet. the rhodies are almost ready to bloom, and the perennials are coming up, with iris, peonies, snowball bush just on the verge of blooming.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nathan! We had such a great time with the Grandbabies last weekend. Violet especially loves waffles with "cream",( whipped topping).
Then after they went home, we had quite a windstorm, which blew down limbs all over and split a bigger limb on our big fir. Of course, this does not stop the big chickens from laying their eggs up in the tree!